About X-System

X-System is the brainchild of the late Professor Paul Robertson and Professor Nigel Osborne. Together they modelled the auditory sensors and neurological receptors, and replicated these to develop their theory of how humans respond to music. From this work they realised that the lower brain, which controls the autonomic nervous system, is unconsciously affected by different components of music, and that when these components are isolated, they can be used to predict the emotional and physical effect of music. This effect is called the Innate Neurophysiological Response to Music (INRM), and can be used to both predict and entrain physical and emotional responses in humans. After several years of automation work with a team of highly talented computer scientists, the technology has now come to fruition in X-System.

Who are we?

Professor Nigel Osborne (CTO), MBE, FRCM, FRSE Reid Professor Emeritus of Music at the University of Edinburgh and Chief Technology Officer of X-System. Nigel is a leading composer and pioneer of music therapy. Co-inventor of INRM.

The late Professor Paul Robertson, leader of the Medici String Quartet, Professor of Music and Medicine at the Peninsular Medical School, Fellow of Green Templeton College Oxford, and Associate of the Royal Society of Medicine. Co-inventor of INRM.

Robert Ashcroft (Chair), Owner of Hudson Morris Associates, and former CEO of PRS for Music, the UK’s leading collection agency for music. Robert previously worked for Sony Corporation, where he sat on the management boards of both Sony Electronics Inc. and Sony Europe.

Mike Waters (CEO), C.Eng., FIMMM has 40 years of experience in technology businesses, creating growth strategies and business and marketing plans for global high tech companies, encouraging innovation and technology acceleration in the supply chain, and supporting and leading University spin-outs.

Justin Turner QC (Director) Justin Turner’s practice is concerned with all areas of intellectual property and other commercial disputes with a technical character.