Application Areas

There are far-reaching applications of being able to predict and entrain human responses to music.


Medicine, where we trial X-System together with major health providers and can use X-System for self-medication of analgesia, pre- and post- operative anxiety relief, and aggression and psychiatric trauma reduction. It can be used to support both physical and psychiatric treatments, and we welcome proposals for further trials.

Wellbeing, where X-System can be used to support self-administered relief for anxiety and stress, or motivate exercise, in spas and fitness centres.


Music curation and navigation by emotion.

Music streaming to support change of physical state: maintaining concentration for study or driving, relaxing for meditation or sleep, or arousing for partying or sport.


Selecting music to build and maintain brand, and to organise emotional journeys for customers in ad campaigns and physical stores,

Selecting and organizing music to support online presence and campaigns.