How X-System works

The musical brain has two interconnected parts:

an INTIMATE, PERSONAL part formed by culture, personal experience, learning, memories andassociations, (mostly in the UPPER and MIDDLE BRAIN).

and a UNIVERSAL, GLOBAL part embodying a musical psychobiology common to all human beings (mostly in the MIDDLE and LOWER BRAIN). X-System works by modelling the way that the different parts of the auditory system individually filter and recognise the constituents of this lower and middle brain music psychobiology.

These constituents are identified in each track of music, which is stored on either a local or remote library. They are then used as predictors of how the music will be perceived by the lower brain. These components are combined via algorithms developed from years of research and testing to come to an overall nett arousal index for the track. This NAI indicates the effect of the track on the metabolism via the autonomic nervous system. It can be measured second- by second, or computed as an overall measure of the physical effect of each track.

When you select a higher or lower physical state, the system generates a playlist that entrains you from your current to your desired state. It takes between 15 and 25 minutes to achieve this, and the playlist then continues for as long as desired, maintaining the new state. The effect can be enhanced by use of a sensor, which enables the system to know how quickly you are responding, and to dynamically adjust the playlist.

Provided the library is sufficiently large, the user can specify genre, artist, composer etc., and X-System will select from those preferences the music that is required to entrain and maintain you. We have tagged about 9 million tracks to date, and have various streaming options to choose from, either directly for medical trials or via channel partners for commercial streaming.

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